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Unveiling the Future of Driving: A Deep Dive into the Phenomenal Tesla Model Y


During the first phase of 2023, Tesla secretly offered a basic Model Y with all-wheel drive with a range of 279 miles; however, that model was discontinued before the end of the year. It was replaced with an even more affordable rear-wheel drive Standard Range variant that has a range of 260 miles.

The main consideration when purchasing an electric vehicle is range, and the Long Range and Performance variants have ranges of 330 and 303 miles, respectively. Since the Long Range maximises driving range while providing lots of performance, we would choose it. Aside from the five exterior colours (four of which are optional), there aren't many options for personalising your Model Y.

Tesla Model Y Top Speed

All-wheel-drive Long Range quickly reached 60 mph from zero to sixty in 4.4 seconds, just 0.4 seconds slower than our long-term Model 3 sedan. the Performance variant reached 60 mph in an even shorter 3.6 seconds. The Tesla Model Y Performance variant offers an impressive top speed of 155 mph, delivering a thrilling driving experience. This speed capability showcases the car's high-performance characteristics and dynamic capabilities on the road.

Tesla Model Y 2023

Starting at the bottom of the Model Y range is the rear-wheel drive Standard Range cost-leader variant. With two motors offering a greater total horsepower rating and all-wheel drive, the Long Range and Performance variants of the Model Y are more alluring. Even while the Model Y accelerates quickly, it doesn't provide the same amount of driving enjoyment as the Model 3. The sharp edge of the Model 3's handling is blunted by the SUV body's greater centre of gravity, and the Y rides much rougher over uneven terrain.

Tesla Model Y Battery Capacity


All-wheel drive Driving range estimates for Standard Range vehicles with 19-inch wheels go up to 260 miles. The anticipated range of the all-wheel-drive Long Range variant is 330 miles, while that of the Performance model is 303 miles. However, the latter has 20-inch wheels, a lower suspension, a claimed faster acceleration, a greater peak speed of 155 mph, and a separate Track mode.

Tesla Model Y Range


The Long Range variant is expected to get 127 MPGe in the city and 117 MPGe on the highway, according to EPA projections, while the Performance model is expected to achieve 115 MPGe in the city and 106 MPGe on the highway. The Performance model produced a result of 98 MPGe and 230 miles of driving range, while the Long Range model, which was tested on 200-mile interstate fuel-economy test route, got just 94 MPGe and an estimated highway driving range of 220 miles.

Tesla Model Y Interior

The Model Y's interior is mostly derived on the Model 3 sedan; it does not have the bigger Model X crossover's intricate Falcon Wing doors. It has almost no buttons and is mostly dependent on a large infotainment screen that sits atop a straightforward dashboard, much like that automobile. The interior seems airy due to its all-glass roof, which is extensively tinted to prevent scorching its passengers in Sun Belt regions. The Model Y's optional third row of seats comes with a high $3000 price tag, and we doubt that adults will be able to travel in comfort in them.

Tesla Model Y Features

Infotainment System

The big, slender infotainment screen in the centre of the dashboard controls almost every feature of the Model Y. It takes some getting used to, but everything is shown on one display, including the speedometer and temperature control. Similar to the Model 3, the Model Y has built-in Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube applications in addition to video games that are ideal for passing the time while waiting for the battery to charge at the public charging station. Fear not—using these distractions while operating a car is prohibited for drivers.

Tesla Model Y Weight

The Tesla Model Y lineup boasts different trims with varying curb weights. The Base model weighs in at 4,154 lbs, while both the Long Range and Performance trims share the same weight of 4,555 lbs each. These weight specifications contribute to the car's overall performance and efficiency on the road.

Tesla Model Y Exterior

Particularly in images, it might be difficult to distinguish between the new Model Y and the Model X at first look. The latter's larger size is more noticeable in the metal. The Model Y's smoothed-over front fascia, which closely resembles the Model 3 sedan, replaces the Model X's narrow grille as the most obvious change up front. The Model Y lacks the Model X's big spoiler and rear chrome strip, making the two much more difficult to distinguish from the back. The Performance variant sports 21-inch Uberturbine wheels, while the Long Range and standard variant Y have 19-inch alloy wheels with an option for 20-inch Induction wheels. Power-folding side mirrors, tinted glass roofing, and LED fog lights are features shared by all trims.

Tesla Model Y Ground Clearance

The Tesla Model Y exhibits a ground clearance of 167mm, contributing to its versatility on various terrains. This clearance ensures a smooth and controlled ride, providing drivers with confidence and stability, whether navigating city streets or exploring off-road environments. The balance of clearance enhances the Model Y's adaptability and performance.


The Model Y is equipped with Tesla's very sophisticated Autopilot semi-autonomous driving technology as standard. More sophisticated functions like optional self-parking and summoning are also available.

Important safety characteristics consist of:

  • Typical automatic emergency braking that detects pedestrians

  • Normal lane-departure alert with assistance for lane-keeping

  • Normal adaptive cruise control equipped with lane-centering functionality

Tesla Model Y US Price

Starting at $46,630

Tesla Model Y Price In India

Appox Rs 70 Lakhs (Ex Showroom)

Tesla Model Y Price In Canada

Canadian Pricing Ranges From $57,990 to $74,290 MSRP

Here’s A Descriptive Video On Tesla Model Y By CarWow

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