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Tesla Model X : Redefining Luxury SUVs in the Electric Era


In 2023, the Model X will come with a new key card as standard, but you will still be able to add the earlier model car-shaped fob as an option. Additionally, a standard steering wheel is back as a free option. Furthermore, Tesla has brought back the Standard Range model, which has a 269-mile driving range and a lower starting price. Other than that, the Model X remains unchanged for the coming year. Although the Plaid model's three electric motors provide incredible acceleration, its speed comes at a hefty price.

Tesla Model X Plaid Top Speed

It managed to surpass Tesla's claimed time of 4.4 seconds to reach 60 mph during the testing, with a run of 3.3 seconds. The three-motor, 1020-horsepower Plaid high-performance edition is said to reach 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.

Tesla Model X 2023

All-wheel drive is made possible by two electric motors that are standard on the basic Model X: one at the front axle and one at the back. The Model S Plaid, the sedan platform companion to the Model X, achieved a viscera-compressing zero-to-60-mph performance of 2.1 seconds during its testing. Although the X has decent handling, its electric motors provide a powerful acceleration that makes it a great party trick.

Tesla Model X Battery Capacity


The Long Range type of the type X has a battery that can travel up to 348 miles on a single charge, compared to the 269 miles stated for the basic Model X battery. Upgrading to the faster Plaid model reduces the expected driving range to 333 miles. Superchargers are Tesla's nationwide network of rapid charging locations. Although it will take longer to charge at home using a 240V or 120V connection, owners may find it more convenient. For this reason, Tesla sells in-home charging equipment.

Tesla Model X Range


When compared to other all-electric SUVs of comparable size, the Model X Long Range has the greatest EPA MPGe ratings. These vehicles received combined MPGe ratings of 102, 97, and 107 in the city and highway. In this statistic, even the Plaid model performs better than important competitors like the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-Tron SUVs, while sacrificing some economy for greater acceleration.

Tesla Model X Plaid Interior

The basic Tesla interior design is simple and almost entirely buttonless. The driver is presented with a distinctive yoke-style steering controller and a digital gauge display, both of which may be irritating to operate and difficult, if not impossible, to get accustomed to. There's at least a free standard steering wheel available. The Model X's windshield/glass roof, which extends smoothly from the base of the hood over the front-seat occupants to provide an almost continuous view of what's above and ahead, is another distinctive feature.

Even with these high-tech amenities, the Model X's cabin falls short of our expectations, particularly given that it may easily cross the six-figure mark. Its nondescript air vents, misaligned panels, and flat-backed seats with few adjustment options are just a few of the cabin's shortcomings.

Tesla Model X Features

Infotainment System

A massive touchscreen infotainment system takes up most of the dashboard and is responsible for operating almost every function and configuration of the Model X. The gauge cluster is a supplemental digital readout situated immediately in front of the driver. Tesla's infotainment system is undoubtedly cutting edge, yet it is devoid of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. A tiny display for amusement and, presumably, some control over the car's functions is available to rear-seat passengers.

Tesla Model X Weight

The Tesla Model X carries a weight of 5,148 pounds (2,335 kilograms) in its standard form, with the Plaid variant slightly heavier at 5,248 pounds (2,380 kilograms). This weight is due to its size and the substantial battery pack that powers its electric motor, ensuring impressive performance and safety.

Tesla Model X Exterior

The Model X SUV is designed with simplicity in mind, in keeping with Tesla's design ethos. Considering that upgrades are few and far between, the core form has held up pretty well. The front end is sleek and straightforward with LED headlights and fog lights, but the panoramic windshield—the biggest on any production car—is one of the standout features.

Tesla Model X Door

The Tesla Model X features distinctive falcon-wing doors that are hinged in the middle and open upward. These unique doors provide a futuristic and convenient entry and exit experience, allowing for easier access to the vehicle's interior, especially in tight spaces. They are equipped with sensors to detect obstacles, ensuring safe operation.

The shape is defined by clean creases and flush door handles. The smooth arches are filled with 20-inch Cyberstream wheels, however 22-inch Turbine wheels with a dark finish are also an option. There are two separate sunroofs for the rear seats on the top, and a deployable spoiler that may be installed at the back.

Tesla Model X Ground Clearance

Ground clearance on the Tesla Model X is 206mm.


Though most purchasers choose technology above luxury, the Model X may be ordered with Autopilot, which is perhaps the most talked-about option. With the use of several cameras, sensors, and radars, Tesla's hands-free driving mode is able to identify objects, people, and other cars and utilize that information to operate the Model X autonomously. Additionally, the Model X has a Summon function that lets the driver park or retrieve the SUV from confined spaces while standing outside. This feature may sound gimmicky, but the ridiculous top-hinged doors made it essential.

  • Automated Emergency Braking Standard

  • Normal Lane-Departure Alert

  • A hands-free driving mode and adaptive cruise control are available

Tesla Model X US Price

Starting at $81,630

Tesla Model X Price In India

Appox Rs 2 Crores (Ex Showroom)

Tesla Model X Price In Canada

Canadian Pricing Ranges From $109,990 - $122,990

Here’s A Descriptive Video On Tesla Model X By CarWow

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