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Ferrari 488 Price In India : Buckle Up, Your Wallet's In For A Wild Ride !


Ferrari 488

Supercar fantasies are made of the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista. This self-assured Italian stands out in a crowd because to his broad shoulders, protruding fenders, and beautiful arch of a roof. The inside of this vehicle is unexpectedly roomy, with more room than you generally find in a two-door sports car. The 488 performs with the strength and grace you'd expect from a vehicle built under the iconic Ferrari banner.

Ferrari produces coupe and convertible versions of the 488 Pista. We believe you'll be more than content with the coupe, which is somewhat more cheap than the droptop, unless you have a clear preference for the sensation of wind blowing through your hair.

Ferrari 488 Pista Top Speed
Ferrari 488 needs 2.7 seconds to reach 0 - 60 mph 
Top Speed 330 km/h

Ferrari 488 Engine

Under the hood of the 488 is a twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V-8 engine that produces an astounding 567 lb-ft of torque and 711 horsepower. The vehicle's rear wheels get power from a seven-speed automatic gearbox that controls the process. The 488 was created specifically to slake your craving for speed. It took only 2.7 seconds to get from 0 to 60 mph. As a result, it is on par with the McLaren 720S. The 488's suspension achieves a ride quality that makes it a passably living companion for everyday driving. It is both communicative and smooth.

Ferrari 488 Mileage

The 2020 Ferrari 488's fuel efficiency is estimated by the EPA to be 15/20 mpg city/highway. It is thus a more economical option than the Lamborghini Huracán, which has a maximum fuel economy rating of 13/18 mpg.

Ferrari 488 Interior

The 488 is a two-seater, and both occupants enjoy a cabin with greater space than is often seen in an expensive exotic. The aggressive appearance of the car's sheetmetal is mirrored in the interior's performance-themed design elements. There isn't a lot of cargo room, as is normal for vehicles in this class. There is just six cubic feet of storage space available in the 488 Pista.

Ferrari 488 Pista

Infotainment System

Technology features including a six-speaker audio system and an integrated navigation system are included as standard equipment with the Ferrari 488. All variants have Bluetooth phone and music streaming. For seamless mobile connectivity, Apple CarPlay integration is available, however Android Auto is not.

Ferrari 488 Exterior

The 488 Pista is a perfect example of exquisite Italian workmanship because it combines grandeur with track concentration. The extensive use of carbon fibre across the whole design serves as an illustration of the former, while the sleek LED headlamps and seductive lines that run throughout the body serve as examples of the latter. Additionally, only the Pista receives a racing stripe running down the centre in black and white. The intercoolers are cooled by wide side air vents, and the intakes are located close to the rear spoiler. The back is put together by traditional round LED taillights, a sharp rear diffuser, and two exhaust outlets. The artwork is supported by 20-inch wheels that may be upgraded to carbon fibre for a fee.

Ferrari 488 Ground Clearance

Ground clearance on the Ferrari 488 is 170mm.


Important safety attributes include:

  • Rear parking sensors

  • A standard backup camera

Price Of A Ferrari 488

Starting at $331,000

Ferrari 488 GTB Price In India

Off Road Price Rs. 3.88 Crores

Price For Ferrari 488 Spider

Rs 4.40 Crores

Price Of Ferrari 488 GTB


Here’s A Video Showcasing Ferrari 488 By Ferrrai Of Central New Jersey

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