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You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Rolls Royce Dawn

Updated: Jan 30, 2022


Dawn offers a heightened sensory experience in every imaginable climate.

Rolls Royce Dawn

The Dawn lets the sun shine in on one of the most opulent interiors in the industry—one that's handcrafted to the buyer's exact specs from high-end leather, authentic metal, and real wood trim.

The Dawn's 563-hp V-12 engine offers fast acceleration, but its suspension is optimised exclusively for comfort, so it's at its best when it's quietly cruising.

Rolls Royce Dawn Blue

Engine & Performance

A 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 engine lies under the hood. It generates 563 horsepower, making the Dawn as fast as it is attractive. The Dawn sped to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds on the test track. And while rolling through the roughest potholes, it passes gracefully and purposefully, cosseting riders. The eight-speed automatic transmission has been fine-tuned for comfort.

It uses GPS to decide when to shift gears, taking into account whether the vehicle is travelling uphill, downhill, or around corners.

The Dawn, like the rest of the Rolls-Royce lineup, isn't very fuel efficient. Its EPA fuel economy ratings of 12 mpg area, 18 mpg highway, and 14 mpg combined are identical to the Ghost sedan's, but the highway rating is marginally lower than the flagship Phantom's.

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Rolls Royce Interior

The Dawn's cabin, which seats four adults, is accessed by rear-hinged doors. The stunning butter-soft leather and acres of natural wood trim can dazzle the occupants. Buyers can choose between a massaging feature for the front seats and thick lambswool floor mats that pamper the tootsies of anybody who happens to be riding along. The Dawn's trunk is on the narrow side for a big car—blame the convertible top—but it can fit a pair of carry-on suitcases.

Connectivity and Infotainment

Rolls-Royce features a touchscreen infotainment system as standard, and a TV tuner is available as an alternative, enabling passengers to watch their television shows while on the route. An 18-speaker stereo system has enough acoustic punch to block out the wind and road noise while you're driving with the top down. Navigation with real-time traffic alerts is also standard.

Rolls Royce Dawn Length

Length 208.5 in Wheelbase 122.5 in

Height 59.1 in Width 76.7 in

Features for Driver Support and Safety

A number of driver-assistance features are available, including a novel night-vision system that aids drivers in seeing animals or pedestrians while driving at night.

The following are important safety features:

  • Forward collision warning is standard.

  • There is a lane-departure alert system available.

  • Adaptive cruise control with night vision is available.

Coverage for Warranty and Maintenance

The Dawn is protected by a four-year/unlimited-mile warranty and servicing contract, as are all Rolls-Royce types.

  • Four years or infinite miles are covered by the extended warranties.

  • The powertrain warranty is for four years or unrestricted mileage.

  • Maintenance is free for four years or an infinite number of miles.

Rolls Royce Dawn Price In India

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