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Accelerate Your Dreams: Lamborghini Aventador Price in India Revealed


Lamborghini Aventador

The 2022 Lamborghini Aventador epitomises a hyper automobile with its loud 769-horsepower V-12 engine and unusual design. The Ferrari SF90 and other rivals embrace an electric future, but the Lambo's 12-cylinder engine guzzles petrol like a party boy sucks up booze.

Lamborghini will only produce 600 examples of the specially outfitted Aventador it is dubbing the Ultimae. This ultimate send-off has a tweaked version of its common V-12 engine and is lighter than the departing Aventador S thanks to weight-saving measures. The Ultimae will also feature standard carbon-ceramic brakes, more torque sent to the rear wheels than the S, and some distinctive, though modest, visual changes.

Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae

The mid-mounted, 6.5-liter, normally aspirated V-12 engine of the Aventador produces 769 horsepower. The 7-speed automated-manual gearbox sends the engine's 531 pound-feet of torque to all four wheels. The brutally powerful, track-focused SVJ (short for Superveloce Jota) and its roofless equivalent have been driven by us, but we haven't encountered the Ultimae version's kidney-crushing cornering forces. The massive vehicles struggled through the turns, but their exceptional grip and four-wheel steering systems allowed them to quickly reverse course. While driving the Aventador S and Aventador S roadster, and it was discovered that the latter's top-down capability makes it the superior vehicle for enjoying the exhilarating timbre of the V-12 engine.

Lamborghini Aventador Max Speed

The legendary naturally aspirated V12 engine, a pounding 740 CV heart that produces maximum power with an incredible symphony and tops out at more than 217 mph (350 km/h), is a must-hear.

Lamborghini Aventador BHP

The max power & torque of Lamborghini Aventador is 759.01bhp@8500rpm & 720Nm@6750rpm Respectively.


The Aventador is one of the least fuel-efficient vehicles available, with ratings in the single digits. Among its rigorous testing procedures is the government's estimated 75 mph highway fuel-economy route, which replicates real-world mpg.

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Lamborghini Aventador Interior

Every Aventador is equipped with a combination of scissor doors that open, in traditional Lamborghini style. The aged, low-slung inside may be upgraded with a wide range of high-end materials and custom features. There isn't much room for bags and the cabin won't store a lot of little goods. The Ego mode lets you customise the parameters for the engine, steering, and suspension. The dashboard has a digital gauge cluster that changes its appearance whenever you choose a different driving mode—Strada, Sport, or Corsa.

There are several colour options for the cabin's finish. For the 'S' line highlights in the seat, door, and dashboard trims, you may choose to have the Alcantara and leather seats finished in black with contrast stitching or experiment with silver, bronze, or white standard colours. The seats' red and orange piping adds a splash of colour and drama to the interior while complementing the black fabric effectively. Another sporty touch is an unique 'Y' design in the seat inserts, and an option is a repeating 'Y' laser cut motif for the seats and dashboard with contrasting background colour. Just in case you forgot you were driving the last Aventador, the term "Ultimae" is stitched into the seat bolster.

Additionally, Lamborghini has used carbon fibre trim, and the number of Ultimae units is shown on a carbon fibre plate.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The default infotainment system in the Aventador has outdated visuals and clumsy integration. The business provides a performance data recorder that stores lap times and track data in addition to voice commands and Apple CarPlay functionality. Buyers have the option to improve their audio system, which includes dashboard tweeters and door-mounted subwoofers.

Lamborghini Aventador Exterior

Length 191.7 in Wheelbase 106.3 in

Height 44.7 in Max Width 82.6 in

There aren't many vehicles that more efficiently fit the job of a poster-worthy supercar than the dramatic Aventador. The first Aventador debuted more than ten years ago, but the design has endured remarkably well thanks to the car's unusually low height and sharp, sculpted lines that give the illusion that it is cutting through the air even when it is still. Aerodynamics are essential, as usual. Effective airflow and cooling for the engine and radiator are both aided by the front splitter and wide "mouth." The side aspect is pure drama with those scissor doors and huge 20- or 21-inch staggered wheels, and the angular headlamps still appear contemporary. The rear spoiler has three locations, and both the side mirrors and the rear spoiler are electrically adjustable. High-mounted twin exhaust tailpipes and red accents on the carbon fibre diffuser at the back bring the whole thing together.

Price For Lamborghini Aventador

SVJ (Petrol) (Base Model) On Road Price Rs. 7,18,14,373*

LP 780 4 Ultimae (Petrol) (Top Model) On Road Price Rs.10,33,99,839*

Lamborghini Aventador Price In USA

U.S.A $507,353

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