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You Must Know About The Breathtaking Ferrari 458

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

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Ferrari 458: Most Powerful Naturally Aspirated V8 Ferrari!!

There used to be a time when naturally aspirated engines were very much rocking. When a naturally aspirated engine is revved, it makes a sound like an F1. Ferrari 458 is a great example to this because it was a supercar that had a naturally aspirated engine.

Why some car enthusiasts dream about a naturally aspirated Ferrari in the turbocharged era? Keep reading here to know more.

Ferrari 458 Exterior

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The interesting thing about the prancing horses is that they always shine and attracts attention beyond anyone’s imagination. In the Ferrari 458 lineup, the Ferrari 458 Speciale was the one that had attracted very much attention. It’s designing shows that Ferrari and Penniferina had worked well to make such a phenomenally designed car that even has great aerodynamics too.

The larger 20-inch wheels on the car looks insane as it grabs a lot of eyeballs and instead of diamond cut finishing, the granite finishing is giving it a sporty appeal. Supported by Michelin 5 tyres, the Ferrari 458 Speciale used offer a lot of grip on the track due to which fun was irresistible.

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Ferrari India

Be it any angle but it feels very distracting as a person will just keep wondering around this machine. If a Ferrari guy gets a choice of picking a color then it would surely be the Rosso Corsa as it is the best shade of red color in a Ferrari. No other color is so much attractive in comparison to Rosso Corsa shade.

Ferrari 458 Interior

Every variant in the Ferrari 458 lineup has similar interior which feels like an F1 style cockpit and the same goes for the Ferrari 458 Speciale too as it’s the best Ferrari 458. Being on the driver seat of a Ferrari 458 has its own fun and not only just the 458 lineup but that goes for every Ferrari as one can has the actual feel while driving it. Inside the Ferrari 458 inclusive of even the Ferrari 458 Speciale, a lot of carbon finishing is being used.

Ferrari 458 Performance

Performance has been the USP of Ferrari cars and talking about the most powerful Ferrari 458 then it’s of course the Speciale as it has 607 horsepower and 540 Nm of torque on offer which is just fastest in the 458 lineup. Gear Shifting is very much faster as F1 style DCT transmission is being used in the Speciale. For better cornering, the steering is also being made feedback rich ensuring a great Supercar driving enthusiasm. When the car is revved, pure sound and emotion is there while driving it. A turbocharged 488 maybe more powerful but the naturally aspirated 458 Speciale too cannot be ignored for raw driving experience of a Ferrari Supercar. If one car that could compete with this one was of course the Lamborghini Huracan in pricing and also Huracan too was naturally aspirated and had two more cylinders making it a V10. The Huracan despite having more cylinders was way behind 458 Speciale that had more power and torque on offer. For better control of car, Side Slip Angle Control was offered for improved torque and better grip during acceleration. In the 458 Speciale, better torque distribution too is ensured.

Price For Ferrari 458

Around Rs. 4 Cr Ex Showroom Price


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