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Famous Cars Company In India Big Boy Toyz Secret!


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“Your Today is your Tomorrow” – Ritika Jatin Ahuja

Women Entrepreneurs Of India

You must be thinking who is the lady behind the success of Big Boy Toyz! It is Ritika Jatin Ahuja. She calls herself a modern-age entrepreneur! As she has a strong aesthetic bent of mind and intellect. Now you would be thinking what are her qualifications? She has done graduation in the interior designing of Jets and yachts from the University of London. Isn’t it so amazing that she is so talented? Of course, it is! Lifestyle and luxury are some of Ritika’s strong gratifications. Ritika Jatin Ahuja is the Chief Operating Officer of BBT.

Luxury Lifestyle

Her key role is to ensure that she and her team successfully Market the portfolio that they have come out with like luxury lifestyle products. Do you know what is the sweetest thing about her professionally? She treats her team with care, dignity, and consideration. In this way, she manages to draw out the best from them.

Luxury Cars Company

She has received many awards and recognitions. Do you know how many Awards were received by her in the year 2018? Three Awards were received by her that are The Women Entrepreneur Award 2018, The National Excellence Award 2018, and Young Women Leader in Operations 2018. Her upcoming milestones is she wishes that whenever people talk of zest, class, and sophistication, the BBT Merchandise Section should come to their mind!

She is a great woman who is full of zeal and enthusiasm. She has an insight into team building and development, she works with the right set of beliefs and empathy.

“To build a good team, treat people with dignity and respect. Also to get the best out of them, constant encouragement and incentives is the mainstay” – Ritika Jatin Ahuja.

Luxury Cars Of India

As a professional, she gives importance to women’s empowerment. When we talk about the importance of emerging entrepreneurs, she is vehement with her viewpoints. Ritika Jatin Ahuja believes that education, professionalism, good financial backing, and a strong family support system are the main key ingredients ensuring success. She said it is very heartening to see that women today are less inhibited, more amenable to novel ideas, and with the gradual decline of the orthodox society, they are finally coming into their own.

‘’Having an educated professional woman in the family ensures a trickling down effect.’’

She married Jatin Ahuja and had a baby girl named Zaara. Then she decided to work with her husband in his new car dealership. Do you know what is the origin of their firm? Ritika Jatin Ahuja once said that her husband was always crazy about luxury cars! This was the origin of their firm in 2009.

Big Boys Toyz India

The customer base of Big Boy Toyz is almost entirely male! Ritika Jatin Ahuja said she won’t give up coaxing the wives and daughters of her customers to take more interest in cars. Research tells more and more women worldwide are formulating decisions associated with a family’s automobile purchase.

“Buying your dream car surely adds enjoyment and fulfillment to your life.”

She joined full-time in 2016. Do you know their associations for either sale or purchase? It is with well-known personalities ranging from world-renowned cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, and Yuvraj Singh, to industrialists and CEOs of multinationals across India.

Successful Indian Women

Ritika Jatin Ahuja is a great example of how successful Indian women look! She wants to educate women about cars. Ritika Jatin Ahuja is a lovely lady. She is a perfect example of woman who manages home and office diligently and sincerely. She once said in an interview “Women work with budgets, they know the family’s needs. And we’re also safe drivers.’’ She is such a talented and amazing woman. She is the lady behind the success of Big Boy Toyz!

“In today’s life, Luxury is Time and Space.” – Harmon Okinyo





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